Build Customisation Suite

The Build Customisation Suite is a tool to update and extract palette data from Duke Nukem 3D and most other Build engine games. This makes it perfect for TC developers and mod-makers.

BCS can extract and update:

Palettes are read and written in the Paint Shop Pro palette format. No other formats are readble or writable at this time.

This is an ongoing project and you are welcome to suggest additions for future versions. If you wish to suggest or comment on something, or if you discover bugs please send email to

System Requirements

8086 processor, DOS 3+, 64k RAM


The obligatory screenshot


Current version is 0.1a (October 1999). Read the release notes.

Disclaimers and Stuff

This program is released as freeware for the good of the gaming community. Don't abuse it and it won't hurt you. The program is not guaranteed to crash--it may or may not. If it does crash, it isn't my fault and I will accept no responsibility for your use of this program. This program is also unsupported by Apogee, 3D Realms or anyone else related to games written using the Build engine. Basically, use this at your own risk and don't come whinging if it breaks things!

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