DeveloperMonolith Productions
PublisherGT Interactive
ReleasedMarch 1997


Blood Shareware 1.11 16.55 MB
Shareware release of Blood, version 1.11.
Released: 9th August 2002 File size: 17349441 bytes MD5: 0C5A80029B56B095CAEE982510D44EA7 SHA1: 5C2C5EB93BC2EAA935DE22A8E961EEE6363F6C5B

The Basis

You are Caleb, a merciless gunfighter and faithful servant of the dark god, Tchernobog. Faithful that is until inexplicably Tchernobog casts you to your death. However, you awaken, ready for vengeance on Tchernobog and his Cabal for their betrayal.

Screen shots from Blood

Screen shots from Cryptic Passage Expansion Pack

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