Seireki 1999: Pharaoh no Fukkatsu

DeveloperLobotomy Software
PublisherPowerslave: Playmates Interactive (USA)
Exhumed: BMG Interactive (UK)
Seireki 1999: Pharaoh no Fukkatsu: BMG Interactive (Japan)
ReleasedPowerslave: December 1996
Exhumed: April 1997


Exhumed Demo 5.96 MB
Demo release of Exhumed.
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Powerslave Demo 11.8 MB
Demo release of Powerslave.
Released: 9th August 2002 File size: 12370108 bytes MD5: 3AECCFC387BC9443A855B6090479724D SHA1: 601B42C98BE606149873A39815E7CC755B188F74

The Basis

The ancient Egyptian city of Karnak has been siezed by mysterious unknown powers, spreading turmoil to the once peaceful landscape, and placing Earth in jeopardy. The world's military have ventured into the Karnak valley to deal with the threat, but none have returned. You are tasked with the job of succeeding where they have failed, to enter the Karnak valley and recover the mummy of King Rameses which the invaders have stolen, and foil their plot for acquiring the mummy's power. You are Earth's best chance for survival.

Screen shots from Powerslave

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