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Official Files

JFBuild binaries 20051009 795.59 kB
Win32 executables for the JFBuild port of the KenBuild test game. THIS IS NOT DUKE3D!
Released: 9th October 2005 File size: 814683 bytes MD5: 5BFDEDD224231C7E6CACEF65EB4A42D6 SHA1: 8154B76FEAD1F84126C20933BC8E03CB18441ACF

JFBuild source code 20051009 596.43 kB
Source snapshot of JFBuild engine port. REQUIRED FOR COMPILING JFDUKE3D AND JFSW!
Released: 9th October 2005 File size: 610745 bytes MD5: 44A943C0050BFD46CE1E6AF24C951898 SHA1: FAE3888F89C2DFDC7381776095E6C4071F7ECB97

WinBuild test data 521.46 kB
Ken Silverman's data set for the KenBuild test game. Use with the WinBuild binaries.
Released: 3rd September 2003 File size: 533977 bytes MD5: 552EB4C511979A9338A5933D0C4DBE46 SHA1: 8D869850B96F314DA8F16E40439D4FAEDB71086A

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