JonoF's Duke Nukem 3D Port (JFDuke3D)

This is the home of my port of 3D Realms Entertainment's Duke Nukem 3D to Windows using my port of Ken Silverman's Build game engine. It is work in progress so that means it might crash and burn and be unstable.


9 October 2005 - New release

Not much specifically to do with Duke has been changed in this release, but engine bugfixes to do with Shadow Warrior all serve to improve the stability of the game. One new feature however is the support of per-surface skins in MD3 models. Let me know of any problems you find, and please review the release notes.

31 May 2005 - Minor update

This release updates JFDuke3D to the same engine revision as the JFShadowWarrior port. It also fixes some problems with multiplayer going out of sync, so things should be better for online play now.

28 February 2005 - Updated net test released

This is an update to the previous release to fix the ignored command line parameter bug, make the network game waiting period more intuitive (and allow you to abort the wait without killing the game through Task Manager), and fix some other things. This should make things more comfortable for the brave people wanting to test networked JFDuke3D.

About the Port

Features of this port: 2004 User's Choice

The aim of this port is to present Duke3D as closely as possible to the original game while adding optional features to expand the possibilities of the game.

3D models and high-res texturesThe gameOpenGL Duke


Available on this site is a snapshot of the source plus the corresponding binaries of the port for your sampling. There are some special release notes detailing the brand new features of this release. You will need the latest version of my Build port to compile the game.

Head to the new downloads area for links to the files.

Previous releases can be found here.

NOTE: You only need the .GRP file from any one of Duke3D Shareware, 1.3d or, 1.4/5 Atomic, in addition to the .EXEs from the binaries archive above. Use the included SETUP.EXE to configure the game to your liking.

NOTE 2: Be sure to read the release notes in this distribution. There's important information about using the new features in this release.


While I expect nothing for my work on this port, and am grateful for even a kind email, these people have been generous enough to donate something of special value for the work done on this port and so I give them special acknowledgement. They are listed on this page here.

People wishing to donate money via PayPal in any supported currency can send to, or you can use these express links for sending Australian Dollars, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, or Yen.


This port is unsupported by 3D Realms and Apogee, so do not contact them about it. If you find bugs or need to contact me, I'm reachable at

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