JFDuke3D Plutonium Pak Installation

The Duke Nukem 3D Plutonium Pak is an addon that adds a fourth episode and some new enemies amongst other changes. It is shipped in the form of a large patch which must be applied to an unmodified copy of Duke3D 1.3D. This poses something of a problem nowadays because the patcher often has problems running on WinXP, and especially won't run on Linux or Mac OS X.

So, what do we do?

The solution is to use the popular DOS machine emulator, DOSBox to apply the patch to your copy of 1.3D. Here are some details on what to do. They assume Windows is your operating system, so if you're on Linux or Mac OS X, you'll have to adapt things to your environment.

  1. Fetch and install the correct version of DOSBox for your operating system from the official DOSBox site.
  2. Make a directory on your harddisk, eg. C:\DUKE3D13. We'll call this directory the 1.3 Directory from here on.
  3. From your Duke3D 1.3D CD, copy the contents of the DN3DINST directory to the 1.3 Directory you just created.
  4. Check the properties of the 1.3 Directory (right click in an empty space of the Explorer window showing the contents of the 1.3 Directory and click "Properties") and make sure the "Read Only" checkbox is cleared. If it is not, click it until is unchecked and apply the changes.
  5. Insert the Plutonium Pak installation CD into your optical drive and take note of the drive letter of the drive. We'll need this later.
  6. Start DOSBox using the shortcut installed in the start menu.
  7. Inside the DOSBox window you will see a Z:\> prompt. The following commands (in boldface) need to be typed in this window at prompts like those in the examples:

    NOTE: Replace C:\DUKE3D13 with the path of the 1.3 Directory you created earlier. Also, replace D:\ with the drive letter of your optical drive you noted before.

    Z:\> mount c "C:\DUKE3D13"
    Drive C is mounted as local directory C:\DUKE3D13
    Z:\> mount d "D:\"
    Drive D is mounted as local directory D:\
    Z:\> d:
    D:\> install


  8. The Plutonium Pak installer should now start.
    • Press the Enter/Return key at the picture of Duke, and press Enter again at the introductory text.


    • Press Enter at the menu with the three options of what to install (the defaults are fine).


    • The installer now asks for the location of your Duke3D 1.3D. Change the text to read C:\ at this prompt and press Enter.


    • The installer will now proceed to install the patch files. Once finished it will display the "install.txt" file. You can read it if you like, then press Enter when done to continue.

      (screenshot) (screenshot)

    • The screen will clear to a black background and show text with a prompt to "Strike any key when ready". Press Enter here. The patch will now be applied to your copy of 1.3D.
  9. When you are back to a D:\> prompt, close the DOSBox window.
  10. Now, install JFDuke3D. When the "game data installer" runs after installation finishes, you can point it at the 1.3 Directory that now contains Atomic Edition 1.4 and the installer will copy the game data to the JFDuke3D directory.
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