JonoF's Shadow Warrior Port (JFSW)

This is the home of my port of 3D Realms Entertainment's Shadow Warrior to Windows using my port of Ken Silverman's Build game engine. It is work in progress so that means it might crash and burn and be unstable.

About the Port

Features of this port:

The aim of this port is to present Shadow Warrior as closely as possible to the original game while adding optional features to expand the possibilities of the game.

OpenGL Shadow WarriorOpenGL Shadow WarriorOpenGL Shadow Warrior


Available on this site is a snapshot of the source plus the corresponding binaries of the port for your sampling. There are some special release notes detailing the brand new features of this release. You will need the latest version of my Build port to compile the game.

Head to the new downloads area for links to the files.

NOTE: You only need the .GRP file from either Shadow Warrior Shareware or Registered, in addition to the .EXEs from the binaries archive above. Use the included SETUP.EXE to configure the game to your liking.

NOTE 2: Be sure to read the release notes in this distribution. There's important information about using the new features in this release.


This port is unsupported by 3D Realms and Apogee, so do not contact them about it. If you find bugs or need to contact me, I'm reachable at

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