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This is JonoScript, a useful little addition to mIRC that allows more flexibility, automation and usability over a standard installation.

JonoScript was written by myself initially as a learning experience, but also so that I could try and upstage my friend's EdgePro script. For the most part I equalled it, but over time I just made it as good as I wanted it for what I wanted it to do. Consequently, it won't be as flash or user friendly to many people inexperienced with mIRC and IRC in general, and it doesn't try to be. If you want flashness, and a buttload of features, use EdgePro. I'm not that much of a crowd-pleaser.

JonoScript in Action

Here are a few screenshots of certain highlights of JonoScript.

Handy pop-up menus with many common actions included.

Easy configuration
Easy dialog-based configuration.

On Connect actions
Customizable on-join actions editable through dialog interface.

Channel games
In-channel games like Hangman and DeScramble.


For those of you who really want to, here's where you can grab JonoScript. NOTE: The version currently available for download is a "prerelease" version. I label it as such because it's not a polished release. Over time I will upgrade the documentation and when I do, a new version will be posted as a full release. (75.2kb)

Installation instructions are included in the archive but here's a quick start:

  1. Unpack the ZIP file to your mIRC directory. The full path to the mIRC directory MUST NOT have any spaces in it. The installation script will complain if it does and will refuse to continue. Make sure your extraction program preserves the directory structure in the ZIP file.
  2. In the status or any channel window, type

    /load -rs js/main.mrc

    The script should initialize itself and load the sub-scripts. Once that happens, you're ready to go.

Please read the (quite out of date but still relevant) documentation included with the distribution. It will show you most of the commands and options in JonoScript.

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