News: Duke3D on Palm OS 5

Item posted: 26 January 2006 17:52:12. Section: jfduke3d

I discovered quite by accident a fantastic port of Duke3D to Palm OS 5—the OS running such devices as the Palm Tungsten-series PDAs and the Tapwave Zodiac. It is the work of Henk "MetaView" Jonas and is based on JFDuke3D. On my Tungsten T, the oldest in the Tungsten family, it runs exceptionally well at a 320x240 resolution.

Palm|TT screenshots

And for those wanting something a little more substantial, here's a four minute video (XviD encoded, no audio) of me playing E1L1. Owners of a Palm OS 5 handheld should certainly check it out. Grab it from Henk's site.

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