Linux/BSD/Mac OS X ports of Ken Silverman's Utilities

Here are Linux, BSD, and Mac OS X ports of certain popular DOS/Windows utilities written by Ken Silverman.

NOTE: The source code to these tools is not being made public at this time.

Linux and BSD

Linux binaries were compiled on Debian 7.8 (glibc 2.13 with GCC 4.7.2). BSD binaries were compiled on FreeBSD 10.1. Included in the tarball are binaries for i686 and x86_64/amd64.

If you know that your system is running a compatible libc version, you should use the "dynamic" version of the tools. If your libc is incompatible, or you don't know and wish to play it safe, use the "static" version.

Mac OS X

Mac OS X binaries are for 64-bit Intel Macs running Snow Leopard (10.6) or newer. Homebrew users can install PNGOUT by running brew install jonof/kenutils/pngout in a Terminal window, or for KZIP/ZIPMIX run brew install jonof/kenutils/kzipmix.

Architecture Dynamic Static
PNGOUT (release 20150319)
Linux download download
BSD download download
MacOSX download -
KZIP and ZIPMIX (release 20150319)
Linux download download
BSD download download
MacOSX download -

Revision history

20150920 PNGOUT (Mac OS X only)
Rebuilt as 64-bit only with Xcode 7 since building 32-bit with optimisations gives a buggy binary. The previous release was not built with optimisations and was much slower than it should be.
Supports a maximum of 2048 Huffman blocks. Also, 64-bit builds for all tools.
20130221 PNGOUT
Updated to Ken's latest version. No longer assumes a suggested palette always contains all of the image's original colors.
20120530 PNGOUT
Better randomness when the -r switch is used.
20110722 PNGOUT
Updated to Ken's latest version. -f5 now generates block boundaries in a consistent and correct manner.
20110415 PNGOUT
Updated to Ken's latest version. Adds -f6 option to reuse filters line-by-line from a source PNG file.
20110109 PNGOUT
64-bit Linux binaries, and support for 64-bit on OS X too.
Adds meaningful exit codes, other bug fixes to pngout. Adds additional mix modes to zipmix.
20090913 KZIP/ZIPMIX
Bug fix for -rn switch.
20070805 KZIP/ZIPMIX
No changes to the core of these since last release, but parameter handling doesn't consider '/' as a switch anymore, so you can use full paths now.
20070430 PNGOUT
Updated to Ken's latest version. Debut of the BSD builds.
20070110 PNGOUT
Updated to Ken's latest version. Also, implemented a more conventional approach to prompting for yes/no and killing the program. Control+C pressed once during an optimisation will cause PNGOUT to stop at the end of the current pass. Pressing it a second time will kill the program immediately.
20061021 KZIP
Updated to include Ken's improved *nix path recursion and file handling.
20060923 KZIP
Directory recursion works properly now in Linux/OSX. zipmix unaffected.
20060827 PNGOUT
Updated to Ken's latest version of PNGOUT. Fixed some crashes that surfaced on the Athlon-optimised build. First universal-binary release for OS X.
20060524 PNGOUT
Update to Ken's latest version of PNGOUT
20051122 KZIP/ZIPMIX
Update to Ken's latest version of Win/DOS code
20051112 PNGOUT
Debut of PNGOUT for Mac OS X, and corresponding update of Linux version.
20050613 KZIP/ZIPMIX
Initial release, ported by Ken Silverman
20050422 PNGOUT
Long overdue update to incorporate Ken's fixes and updates to date.
20050110 PNGOUT
New build with Ken's latest round of updates.
20040928 PNGOUT
Update to newest version of Ken's picture loading code, applied Ken's batch of fixes to the main pngout code, and addition of a Unix filter-like mode of operation. eg. pngout - - < input > output. Note that optimising very large images (>= 1MB in size) in filter mode might result in a damaged output file due to a limitation that currently exists.
20040716 PNGOUT
Update to disable the automatic appending of a .png extension to source filenames that don't specify one.
20040713 PNGOUT
Update to correct a commandline parameter problem which meant any fully-qualified file path was being treated as a switch parameter.
20040517 PNGOUT
Another minor update to 2004-05-14 release to fix a GIF reader picture size bug.
20040516 PNGOUT
Minor update to 2004-05-14 release to fix a bug introduced in that update.
20040514 PNGOUT
Updated release to fix deinterlacing bug in PNG reader.
20040411 PNGOUT
Initial public release.
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