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Ken Silverman


Welcome by Awesoken
The could you please release [x] thread by Fernando
voxlap by Sebastian
Hey Ken by Cluster_One
Build Games by Junior
Voxel models by Anonymous
Game Ideas (or Clonk in 3D) by Anonymous
Weird Al :-) by cragtek
pngout by S_O
Voxel Usage in Other Games by akula65
kzip for linux by cirocco
pngout comparison by BarrenSoul
Voxel Level File Format by Frobozz
Where do I start by Calypso
Voxlap library released! by Awesoken
Game Ideas (Part Deux) by cragtek
First Bug Report (And it's mine all mine ^_^) by Frobozz
How do you do it, ken? by Madman
Pngout bug? by markcramer
Link to the compiled version of the samples by Frobozz
PNGout: is a quick mode a possibility? by Parkotron
convmap5 by gremul
pngout on Windows NT by counting_pine
hey ken, its me.... by Christopher D
Ken: Some questions by Anonymous
Hey Ken by Guest
Engine by Anonymous
tan(PI/2) = ? by Anonymous
Voxlap is Amazing! by ChEeZeBaLL
Lossless compression by BarrenSoul
Realtime Raytracing Hardware useful for Voxels? by Hazard
Visibility algorithm used in Build engine by Anonymous
Voxels used in commercial games by Anonymous


TI-99/4 by DeathWeaver7
Ken, will you give polygon-based engine a chance? by TheProgrammer
winzip by BarrenSoul
VoxlapGL by Sebastian
pngout algo by jan
Hearing test broken? by BarrenSoul
AI goal by BarrenSoul
KP3 & MP3PC by w00t
Kzip Help by Stanton
building a gui for Kextract and Kgroup by Lune-
Floor Texturing by Silhouette of a Can
BUILD & DOOM technology comparison by etko
Map Formats for which games? by Trance
Slab6d bugs (maybe) by Silhouette of a Can
Hardware Voxel by etko
Cheat program for "Ken's Labyrinth" by funduke
Has anyone made voxel sprites for Duke3D yet? by Trance
LAB3D-SDL Hires Texture Support by jspenguin
ken, which compiler do you use? by Sebastian
fflush(stdout) in pngout for Linux by jspenguin
Crunching a small PNG by a few more bytes by Kuha
Key detection under dos by maniac1701
piano playing by Sebastian
text hex to bin converter program by maniac1701
Textrend and Codepage Settings by line
external linkkkkage by Silhouette of a Can
Build Engine FAQ by Alexey
SLABSPRI/SLAB6 Voxel Editors by Alexey
Weird Questions by Alexey
PNGOut crash? by counting_pine
Was return to college a bad choice Ken? by 3dEngineProgrammer
Programing by Stanton
.CON files? by dennisj1
pngout bugs by counting_pine
Voxels play a staring role in The Day After Tomorrow by Semicharm
POLY2KVX by Alexey
PNG optimization - GIMP vs PNGOUT by The Gimp
PNGOUT with time limit by Anonymous
Question on NOLFB by Guest
PNGOUT moving colors in palette by Flatulus
Duke3D Adlib Emulation by dewisant05
Ken's Labyrinth Level 1 secret area ... by emmzee
Do you dabble in any Electronics and experiment, ken? by fruitbag
PNGOut Changelog by dalangalma
Trouble with compiling Voxlib by Hikaru
Which version of WAD2ART is the "public" one? by martin_howe
SLABSPRI.exe by ikkejw
Respect! by xDimas
Source-code for your old pacman game :) by fruitbag
ken's 3drealms years by 3dEngineProgrammer
Ken's Lab editor Question by Anonymous
PNGOUT is in IrfanView by Mxx
ken you build ne shadow warrior tools? by hawkeyefile
2D sprites in Voxlap by Awesoken
Want to learn BUILD by Corbin
Best way to triangularize any kind of polygon by etko
Question: Detecting floating objects algorithm. by lunarknight
Build Engine For Mobile Phones by 3dEngineProgrammer
PNGout and kZip return codes by psi
Fibonacci, Hanoi towers and the 8 queens problem. (for KEN!) by Cluster_One
To Ken: A QBasic version of PNGCRUSH...? by fruitbag
Build Map Editor - GUI by Dewisant
Something curious that's worth checking out by Maren
Compiling Voxlap with VS Options instead of the makefile by Hazard
NEATSONG Acapella by CheapAlert
MD2 model rendering by Saucjedi
Kens labyrinth map editor by Cooler2066
Books about Build by ChEeZeBaLL
Mazewar Code Suggestions by fantasio
buggy kzip for linux by space
pngout: img w/alpha unsupported format by a fan
KZip and some J2ME phones... by vhelin
Revolving sectors and sprites that move around with it. by Kyoufu Kawa
Game programming and game enjoy. by 3dEngineProgrammer
VOXLAP removing Voxel Speed by masterlee
VOXLIB queries by Maximus
Re: the guy who asked about gpa & gym: by Awesoken
Question re: PNGout transparency by spoondagger
possible bug in kzip with large files by krick
Ken what kind of Math did you take in Highschool? by Guest
PNG Compression - Questions by Versus
A bloody mess by Kyoufu Kawa
3D sound? by Kyoufu Kawa
EvalDraw by counting_pine
Voxels vs Point Sprites by David_OSU
how do i compress a 100mb to small file? by Stanton
Ben Folds by cragtek
Midi's songs.... a Ken qeustion..or any one who can help. by Stanton
Build Engine - Bullet holes by Cpp_Junky
An idea for the game Blood to run on XP !!! by DEWI
BuildLic and GPL by etko
Shadows by Anonymous
KZIP: Problem with file names containing Euro symbol by Nifty
Build and playing short cutscenes by Kyoufu Kawa
Here it goes again with the dev questions... by Kyoufu Kawa
Fadeouts, Polymost and nVidia by Kyoufu Kawa
mp3pc.exe on Windows XP by MichaelD
Ken, have you ever given a 2D enigne a chance? by Anonymous
Voxels for DoomDS Project. by Defect
Remake of Monolith's Blood by DEWI
Voxlap engine source code released! by Awesoken
Lua in Build! by Kyoufu Kawa
Possible Hardware support scenerio for Voxals. by Mark
Multiplayer erks by Kyoufu Kawa
Slab6 editing questions by Geoffrey
Voxlap resolution by Dune
Voxel Rendering with PS_3_0 by duke4e
Remake of blood - Need some advice Ken by DEWI
Game idea that will show off voxlap. by Raedwulf
Compilation of voxlap game by Raedwulf
Convert Blood maps by DEWI
Redneck Rampage on XP using NOLFB. Help? by Marlin
Evaldraw by Raedwulf
DosBox by DEWI
Ken: your version of the mandelbrot set in QBasic. by Madman
Happy 30th birtday ken! by Kundra
PNGOUT: Progressive mode? by Martin
KZIP - two important features missing by Michi
KEN: Midi + keyboard by Sebastian
Voxlap.Net Alpha 1 (NEW!) by Hazard
Ken - suggestion on a language... by Anonymous
A good algorithm for plotting a nautilus shell. by Madman
Lab11f by Guest
When do you update KZip for linux? by space
Play any games? by DarkBreeze
Ken: The Euphoria Programming Lang by Madman
EVALLIB query - code by Maximus
World vs. Sprite rendering by don
PNG colors by blah
pngout by Stanton
A question to Ken - Perimeter. by The LxR
Ken, do you have any advice for people who are trying to lea by Anonymous
POLYTEX and GROUDRAW demos released! by Awesoken
BMP's or other images and Klab kit by Anonymous


KSM'S in The Klab kit by Anonymous
Questions about your ADLIB Emulator by Laptop_Stuff
Deflate using different Huffman tables by counting_pine
Have a look at this demo... by Pailes
3drealms is hiring !!! by Paretto
A good book on programming?? by Gibaholic
KZip: Deflate, Deflate64, BZip2, or PPMd? by Mathias
ken, which linker do you use? by Anonymous
PNG optimization guide by ace_dent
pngout: keep file timestamps by xrmb
future of voxels by bitshit
Can you solve this one Ken? by duke4e
Is a quadratic intermediate buffer better? by don
MNGOUT? by Maren
help! problems importing files to editart by Anonymous
porting Rampage to Linux by schmidty
PNGOUTWin Beta 1 Invitation by David
Ken Silverman interview at 3drealms by funduke
PNGOUTWin Beta 2 Invitation by David
Ken: "Game of Life" simulator. by Madman
PNGOUTWin Beta 2 Refresh by David
Some slab6 art by Ben Sheffield
PNGOUTWin Release Candidate by David
pngout pass counts by Kevin_b_er
Pingabol - A Frontend for PingBall (plus extra resources) by Misael.K
Question about voxel palettes by Ben Sheffield
Bug Found??? I think so.... by markEmark
PNGOUTWin Bugs by counting_pine
ZipMix limitation by Nescafe links by Ben Sheffield
A satisfied customer by Kerrypng
Hello All by Jinroh
kzip+7zip+zipmix batch file by fred01
Web standards (this means you ken!) by BarrenSoul
voxlap in games?! by Sebastian
New KZIP options in May 25 2006 version by krick
KZIP vs DEFLOPT by krick
Does KZIP favor any particular CPU architecture? by krick
Pngout - unsupported PNG-files by deus-ex
Kentris by CheapAlert
Changing Bit Depth from 8 to 4 and preserve palette order. by bmillerdot
Voxlap by Rowan Lewis
Code property and a little voxlap by 3dEngineProgrammer
DeflOpt thread by Zardalu
How does software rendering works? by 3dEngineProgrammer
KubeGL by 3dEngineProgrammer
How basic voxel rendering works? by Apprentice
Sound engine problems by Apprentice
Can Open Watcom *.lib files be extracted? by Apprentice
Terrain visibility by 3dEngineProgrammer
Evaldraw Update by psychorosti
Programming schedule by 3dEngineProgrammer
Questions about Polymost rendering and Build by Saucjedi
hardware voxel engine? by kraemer007
WinMain.exe or Voxlap_DLL.exe??? by Maximus
Build rendering by Apprentice
Bibliography on voxel engines by Slang
EvalDraw by counting_pine
Photoshop plugin beta by David
you make any money with ardfry by Sebastian
Question about PNGOUTWin by Maren
Build question by Apprentice
saving an uncompressed PNG with PNGOUT? by krick
KZip bug by Martin
How cool would voxlap be if texture size wasnt an issue? by JazW
Having some problems with poly2vox and/or kwalk... by JazW
spherical voxlap by IJs
Having some troubles with old ken's dos16 composers by zum
Precomp - Nice tool by Thundik81
Voxel FX for Ken's Labyrinth by Dune
Brown University by 3dEngineProgrammer
Filters by masterlee
raycasting on the gpu by bitshit
Build rendering question by Apprentice
PNGOUTWin now available in German by David
Suggestions for EVALDRAW by rarefluid
pngout /v and redirection by jojo4u
automatic bitdepth reduction without /d0 by jojo4u
peter wegner by Sebastian
3D Projection. by Jinroh
setsideshades by Dune
Question for Ken: Scrambled graphics in some DOS games? by Rekrul
Game Models in vxl format? by acox
Textcapt.exe by it_tek
Build Slopes by Apprentice
PNGOUTWin multiple trial batch? by Huggybaby
Drawing Lines by Ricardo_V
Floormapping? by Jinroh
Ken: hobbyist or recreational mathematics. by Madman
Voxlap and what I plan to do with it by peewee_RotA
OpenGL vs. Direct3D by Apprentice
Empty-space skipping & variable step sizes in Voxlap by Slang
PNGOutWin passes by Martin
2 feature requests by Maren
I'm looking for VoxlapGL.. by Brynet
PNGOUTWin - a strange anomaly by Kerrypng
Voxel models and skins by Devan
3DFun40 by masterlee
PNG Optimization by Sined


PNGOUTWIN: Help Files Bugs... by fantasio
Notes on 20070110 release of Pngout ports by JonoF
Convert 16-bit png to 8-bit png by captainfreedom
Exact palette generation algorithms by counting_pine
Win32 experience by Ricardo_V
6DOF raycasting by bitshit
Build sorting question by Apprentice
Back-face Culling by Jinroh
Update by Maren
Makefiles by Silhouette of a Can
some mobile phones have still problems with pngout by timo
Licenses by lf
The KLab 2.X Dosbox fatal sound crash by leileilol
Some suggestions for PNGOUTWin by Martin
Beta 1: PNGOUT Plugin for Photoshop on Mac OS X by David
Ken: variable naming conventions... by fruitbag
What are the modern advantages of QBasic, Ken? by fruitbag
Ken's Labyrinth still a number one hit by 3dEngineProgrammer
Roll effect (rotation) in Build by Apprentice
How convert Photoshop PSD to uncompressed 32 bit PNG (with alpha) by johnHoward
Does pngout have a batch (command line) mode? by johnHoward
Difference between PNGOutWin and pngout.exe by captainfreedom
My Voxel Game Engine - Now with destructible Earth by esuvs
Riks-Calculator by masterlee
Sprite2Voxel my take on Voxels by Jinroh
PNGOUTWin - another strange anomaly by Kerrypng
How to get a model inside voxlap by hunter551
How do i use poly2vox and v3b2vox? by hunter551
Ken, could you please release your Voxlap Test Game? by hunter551
Determine hopeless recompression attempt by Kevinber
Tutorial for accurate Cube intersections by Spacerat
Camera roll and mirrors by etko
Adlib emulator by yuriks
How can i use the solve option of rubix? by 3dEngineProgrammer
Smooth Voxels by duke4e
Evaldraw-executable code by Apprentice
Reading data from TILESXXX.ART files by JustAnotherBuildFan
Ken's Labyrinth MIDIs by sacredbanana
NOLFB, Dos Games Problem! by Annihilator
voxlap5 parallel projection by intripoon
voxel algorithm by 0xC0DE
Volumetric voxel smoke in Voxlap (suggestion) by apegomp
Best way to compile SDL version by BananaForSale
Pingball idea.. by Speewave
Communication with the other Duke Nukem 3d developers? by 3dEngineProgrammer
Voxels render polygons obsolete *update* by apegomp
Simple RLE Voxel renderer by Spacerat
SLAB6 Lightning Problem by apegomp
Voxels for your viewing pleasure by apegomp
Optimization of deflate streams in PDFs? by Peter Ahlstrom
Varying compression window size? (png, etc.) by Peter Ahlstrom
Layman's voxel engine idea by apegomp
Voxel Porn for your viewing pleasure by apegomp
Realtime Raytracing Voxel Engine by apegomp
Voxlap: Lumberjack Adventure mod! *NEW VERSION + EASY INSTALLATION* by apegomp
New complete script combining all your favorite png tools by jokluge
Suggestions for Slab6 by Maren
Problem with voxlap by Maren
APNG support by nikkho
How to scan structure of PNG by jokluge
Layman's new voxel engine idea by apegomp
Java by Ricardo_V
Voxelstein 3D by apegomp
Heartest by Maren
Flash ActionScript 3.0 Raytracer by apegomp
voxlap/voxed request: Indestructible voxels by apegomp


Voxlap & Direct3D (problem solved) by Hazard
hardware-accelerated voxels with VolumePro! :D by apegomp
DooM: Knee-Deep in the Voxels by apegomp
Development of the 3d engine by Redneckerz
Job for pixel pusher in Raleigh, NC (USA) area by David
Real-time voxel raytracing, in development.. by IJs
Ken, what are your plans for the future? by asdgdhfsg
Old KenBuilds? by leileilol
The Origins of the Build Engine by Nannak
32bit Optimization Techniques by Silhouette of a Can
New PNGOUT- Feb 9th by ace_dent
Pseudo-lossless (lossy) pre-processing by ace_dent
Fez - 3D voxel platformer by ConsistentCallsign
Hey Ken by timecheck
trip.swf by leileilol
"In retrospect, it was a 3 year experiment gone bad." by ConsistentCallsign
Voxlap 2 by ConsistentCallsign
John Carmack is working on a voxel engine! by esuvs
Voxlap tile rendering bug? by hansk
Globe.exe program - how does it work please?! by Mobo
my Voxel Game Engine in development by Hamtaro
Fatal error in Voxlap: voxalloc: vbuf full by ConsistentCallsign
Voxlap coding questions by hansk
POLL: Do you want Killable Kids in Voxelstein 3D? by ConsistentCallsign
Buld Engine file formats by Ñuño Martínez
Voxel Distortion by Maren
polytex p.asm by Levent
Crazy Voxel Engine Question by Nepoc
Portable Engine Coding by Nepoc
Voxed (version 04/20/2008) crashes when I move by ConsistentCallsign
Watcom assembly language by Alex
Slab6 & Other Stuff: Questions by hseiken
Voxel Engine Performance by hedgehog
you've been reddited! by jeffz
Alternative for storing voxel color information by 0xC0DE
SLAB6: Inverse hollow fill by ConsistentCallsign
Evaldraw: some bugs and suggestions by redfaction
BUILD Backface Removal by Jinroh
Physics-based fully destructible environments in RFG by Slang
zbufferless rendering by echeese
Most readable Build fork by echeese
PNGOUT Changelog by ShinaRobot
how can I sort slabs/voxels ? by 0xC0DE
VOXED: Why can't I "Darken all intensities on map by 25%" in lightmode x? by ConsistentCallsign
optimizing code / inline asm by 0xC0DE
How Voxel models are build? by redfaction
How do people make these mods? by Batmanifestdestiny
How do you get poly2vox to work? by Batmanifestdestiny
PNGOUTWIN and buggy mobile phones by skynet800
3d object formula + rendering by redfaction
POLY2VOX and 3D Studio ASCII Mesh by Maren
POXELS by cualquiercosa327
Ken, what compilers do you use? by Sycorax
EVAL library by cualquiercosa327
Python, voxelstein online(enemy voxritory), High voxel models and many more by Dany
Just Wondering Ken, by The Commander
Possible( I said only possible) method how to solve the RAM problem of voxlap... by Dany
Is it still legal to make a game using the Build Engine? by MICKEY
KDM question. by MICKEY
back to voxels? the death of DirectX? interview with Tim Sweeny by jeffz
Very high attention please! Is it possible to implent poly2vox inside DirectX? by Dany
Interesting Voxel technology from 1996 by Maren
GROU6D by 3dvoxpoly
poly2vox by cualquiercosa327
Voxels in space! by IndependentHat
What's the renderer of rubix? by Dany
Ken's utils/games under uber speed? Check it out! by Dany
Older version of Build Engine? by MICKEY
A litlle problem with porting voxlap... by Dany
Voxel3D by esuvs
Very High Attention Please! READ THIS! by MICKEY
Voxel Collision Detection by Sebastian
Voxel Coloring (or space carving) by cualquiercosa327
Tiberian sun voxel by cualquiercosa327
Voxels on DººM. Considerations by
GRP file problem by 0xC0DE
Evaldraw: Miller-Rabin primality test by counting_pine
possible to turn BUILD maps into a mesh? by echeese
pngout with exit code by roytam1
PNGOUT: Aipha Channel Artifacts by ElLoboSolitario
C++ or not? HELP! by Fulcrum
Panoramas broken in KubeGL/Kube by Maren
OctTree by Sebastian
My thoughts on voxels in general and a bit on Voxelstein 3D. by hark
License Arrangement by MICKEY
64-bit version of PNGOUT by doohn
Rebuilding some parts of voxlap in ASM? by Dany
Polymost BUILD: Rendering outside of the sector & regular splits by etko
Ray tracing implicit surfaces with evaldraw by jnosof
Evaldraw: Some suggestions. by jnosof
Why is chained mode removed in Build? by MICKEY
Voxel terrain by gordon
Question about Walken by MICKEY


Building voxlap by cloroxcowboy
build.bas program from by Alex
Programming problem by MICKEY
Realtime Voxelstein 3D raytracing by nakedtruther
isometric Ken's Labyrinth? by jeffz
Practical Work with Cubes5 by Gemini
Working on Ken's Labyrinth Doom for Doom2 by MICKEY
PNGOUTWin does not use DualCore. by mikeem
List of all Voxel Engines by Spacerat
Voxel Decomposition by Sebastian
PNGOUTWin Compressed size listing by RIUM+
Can I Undo PNGGAUNTLET ?? by garyeversden
slab6 crashes when ins/del/dragging voxels in Scroll Lock mode by ConsistentCallsign
Build Open Watcom DosBox crash by PsychoManiac
Voxel Engine for Nintendo DS by 0xC0DE
Voxel Modeling software? by Batmanifestdestiny
Voxlap5 + Codeblocks = D: by cRain2003
Details about rendering Trixels by esuvs
voxel modeller for linux by tom_a_sparks
Experimental game by Scott_AW
Anybody know a nice voxel tutorial? by drahcir
Retroaction magazine interview by Awesoken
Freebasic voxel? by Scott_AW
Share your Evaldraw scripts by torbj?rn
Why do you write 1.x of Ken's Labyrinth in one file? by mickey96
Make Human meet Poly2vox. by Scott_AW
Question about your timer routine by mickey96
Compiling Voxlap in Visual C++ 2008 Express by
St(ripping) Voxelstein code (and voxel wiki) by
Hexplore voxel engine by trixel
Similar to Kube? by Scott_AW
KCALC32 A Project Based On Ken's KCALC by Stroggos
PNGOUT Photoshop plugin. by Antechinus
some questions about voxelrendering by yunharla
How do I stop all sounds using KDM. by mickey96
new utility: SuckThumbs by Awesoken
About inputs in PingBall... by DeadBarney
Two questions about KDM by mickey96
How Bad is My Voxel Game Concept? by Steve
DeflOpt: Further reduce PNGOutWin files by nikkho
Are you going to release the sources of KDM programs? by mickey96
PNGOUT feature request - remove chunk instead of keep chunk by krick
just for fun: ksm player ported to GNU/Linux by mirage
Voxelstein 3D (continued) by LordBringSomeLag
DPI-settings lost after using PNGOUT by ShinaRobot
Build - a raycaster? by Grimasso
Issues with VOXLAP... by InsanityBringer
IDE (MVS 6.0 vs 2005, 2008, 2010) by Annihilator
Ken's Labyrinth for iPhone by sacredbanana


Voxel replica in SLAB6 by Maren
Could anybody help me on Ken Silverman's CAVE engine source by Bruce_Jawn
BIG Evaldraw update.. by Awesoken
MSVC 6.0 vs. Windows SDK by CaimX86
Normal table by Atomic
pngout: does not remove tEXt chunk if it does not also reduce IDAT by caveman
Ken, you forgot something on your website... by CaimX86
Conflicting quotes from Carmack...? by Redeemer
Self modifying code by Levent
A math question! by CaimX86
PNGOUT removes alpha channel / far better results (with alpha) than PNGOUTWin ?! by ShinaRobot
Build Engine History (In YouTube video) by CaimX86
closer to done, sprite 2 voxel program. by Scott_AW
few questions about EvalDraw by Scott_AW
Voxel Dungeon Crawler in Evaldraw by Scott_AW
A Request for Ken by Stroggos
Stretch distortion in Voxlap by ConsistentCallsign
Back to Voxlap by Scott_AW
.EXE Export by mikewas
NEW features by mikewas
kplib in 64-bit gcc? by AcetoliNe
QUESTION mesh model in evaldraw with OpenGL by mikewas
Possible saving method for Evaldraw by Scott_AW
Ken's Labyrinth by ShinaRobot
drawing fast squares by 0xC0DE
Algorithm of optimisation PNG by lorents
Ken - Tech Doc's! by CaimX86
PNGOUT feature request - c3 option by css-ig
PNGOUT: smart dirty transparency by caveman
PNGOUT: scanline length and block split threshold relation (/b option) by caveman
Render .vxl voxels in Flash by Bruce_Jawn
Voxlap programming questions by bigfour
Voxels in Doom by DooMAD
Giving build a second chance. by Scott_AW
Few questions by Ratinod
Port of Ken's Adlib emulator to gcc by AcetoliNe
Another Voxel Question by Stroggos
about cache2d.c by Levent
Any Voxel Terrain Editor like this? by Bruce_Jawn
Questions for voxel shading by Bruce_Jawn
Foxelstein3D - Voxelstein3D/Voxlap maps in Flash! by Bruce_Jawn


Ken's GROUFST2 Ported to Flash by Bruce_Jawn
SLAB6 suggestion by Maren
22 suggestions and observations for SLAB6 by Maren
Black Shadow, voxelized Build by Scott_AW
What do you do for a living? by dbuske
Revisiting Ken's Labrynth after 15 years! by cross_bearer_02
Polymer by dbuske